DP700 wood chipping machineE with hydraulic mechanism can chip 13diameter thick wet wood in just seconds, if its dry wood 10diameter is not a problem for it. It has stainless HRDOX Swedish steel 4 knifes which can be adjustable for the thickness of the wood pieces inside the chippers disk. In order to work safely with the machine, filling place is designed as largely as possible. DP 700 can be carried to the work place with its own tyres, it has to be powered by PTO of minimum 45hp tractor and hydraulic mechanism allows the user chose the speed of the entrance of the wood shavings and also can make forward, backward moving futures in order to make the usage even more easier. Exitation of DP 630 can easily be rotated 360 ° in order to put the wood shavings in the right place. Wood shavings can be used in worming, fertilizer, soil or OSB producing etc. Although this kind of machinery is quite popular in European countries, it has been prevalent in Turkey as well. This type of machinery is absolute must for hazelnut, chestnut, walnut, olive and all kind of orchards. It is a big help to the farmers and the land after the prune of the trees.

  • 4+1 Chipper Knifes 4+1 Chipper Knifes
  • Hydraulic Forward-Reverse Driver Hydraulic Forward-Reverse Driver
  • 360<sup>0</sup> Rotation 3600 Rotation
  • Serrate Product Driver Serrate Product Driver


Min. Required Power 45 HP
Diameter 13 cm
Weight 650 kg
Counter Shaft
Knifes 4 + 1


DP700 T