Hasatsan Nut Harvesters Sakarya/Turkey


According to research of our company we have noticed that Turkey produces %80 of the hazelnut in world. Also find out that Turkish farmer was harvesting for the past hundred years with conventional methods by workers since the beginning.

In 2014 we decided produce %100 Turkish harvesters and have started to build H 2200 model which is more sufficient machine for our country landscape and makes %100 husking for our customers. H2200 is still the best seller of all times in harvesting sector, after our customers %100 satisfaction with happiness we have moved to our second step and opened our modernised factory production which runs under 6.000 m2 (3.000 closed and 3.000 open) area in Sakarya province. Our production facility is the largest modernised harvesting machinery making factory in Turkey at the moment.

>Our production line quality has been certificated by Turkish Standards Institute (TSE), The ministry of agriculture and rural affairs of agricultural equipment’s and machinery test centre testing reports and also CE, ISO.

Our target is to solve all nust harvesting problems with Hasatsan brand

As Hasatsan we declare that, with all our power we will dispute and stabilise our leading harvesting and agricultural machinery worship to the next level and take our place in the world.

Hasatsan has undertaken a very difficult mission, reduce the costs of all nuts up to %90 for our farmers and explain that they can harvest chestnut, walnut and olive in any geographic landscape with machinery which is Turkey’s most profitable agricultural product.

The payment of the harvester workers is the biggest expenditure of the nut farmers in the World. In order to reduce expenses up to %90 and solve the main problems like finding workers and husking searching, we are offering modernised harvesting machinery to olive and nut farmers for easier chipper harvesting and earning more money with the most profitable way.